Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bobby Petrino leaves Atl like a crook in the night..Is he wrong?

Tuesday night at approximately 10:20PM the Arkansas Razorbacks help a press conference to announce ex Falcon football coach as their new head coach. The blogging community as well as mainstream media has been going Nutts (pun intended). How could this guy leave his team without warning, how could he do that to his coaching staff, how can he do that to Mr Home Depot. WHERE IS THE LOYALTY!?!?!?!? I think loyalty is something that should be valued and it is something that i teach my kids, but in the business world being loyal will get you screwed!!!

Lets look at the whole situation ok.... July 13 2006 B Pet signed a 10-year, $25 million extension through 2015 to remain at Louisville. At the time it was a $600,000 pay increase and would have been 2.5 million by the the year 2015. Fast forward to Jan 8 2007 he is bolting Louisville to go and coach one of the most exciting players in football. July 17 Michael Vick indicted by a federal grand jury on charges related to illegal dogfighting and suspended by the NFL on Aug 24. Aug 25 Petrino is screwed!!!!!! Every since Aug 24 you gotta be thinking this guy wanted outta the A. The Falcons defense sucks and Vick was 70% of your offense, O and by the way you just traded the best back-up QB in the league. Petrino is still screwed and its getting deeper by the minute.

Enter Joey 'pick 6' Harrington..... 3 teams in 5 seasons, 79 td passes vs 85 ints, with a QB rating of 69.5, you cant even graduate from the Jackson Public school district with numbers like that. Petrino is still screwed. In 50 games at Louisville he was 41-9. He would not have even won 9 games in 3 years in ATL.

So it is safe to say that this guy better find him another job and fast. But how could he abandon his team like that. Lets say you work for as a district manager at Home Depot and the first year you get there productivity, profits, and morale all are at an all time low, you got 3 months left in the year and BAM..... Lowe's offers you a job (by the way you use to dominate at Lowe's a year ago). You can either stick it out and wait to see what happens or go back to familiar territory. Thats what B. Pet did. Come on people if he has another season like the one he is having now he will be fired...... Arkansas is paying more money........He dont have to deal with all the ego's from the players (now he has the alumni to deal with). His system worked in college not the pros and he was smart enough to understand that. he put his pride aside and confessed "the NLF is too hard, I am going back to college"

So enjoy Arkansas... This guy has had 3 jobs in 11 months, thats more turnover than a homosexual at a orgy. You better hope another team with more money don't come along because this time you will be the one thats screwed!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

KING STRING vs KC Resident

Earlier today on I was called out by a reader saying that this great blog i produce once every month sucks..... I know, it hurt me too. I dont know if he is mad because nothing good ever came out of Kansas City or he wishes he was a super successful ex track star with a cool blog like me. So what i offered to KC resident is he post an article on my blog and see if he can do better. He can post on any topic he chooses..... I will also post an original blog. From there the whole blog universe can give their opinion on what is better. KC Resident lets rock!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Coach O

This is too funny.... Thanks Buck.. USM still sucks

Monday, July 9, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Misc info

It been a while since i posted anything... mainly because not that many interesting things happen to me what I am gonna compile is just whats been on since my last post....

Free agent basketball players make too much damn money....Rashard Lewis never been the best basketball player on his team in Seattle and the Orlando Magic will give him 85 million for 5 years....????You got to be kidding me. Early prediction.... This will be the last time anyone will hear from him.... oops im sorry most people already dont have a clue who he is

My Dad is bbqing a goat for the 4th (blaaaaaaaa)

The media is a bunch of egotistical crybabies who think they a more important than they really are... Barry Bonds was mean to me....waa waa waa. TO makes too much money waa waa waa.... Ricky Williams smokes weed waa waa waa..... Tiger Woods is too good waa waa waa..... Kobe Bryant want to play for another team... waa waa waa.... ARod is not good 100%of the time SHUT UP CRY-BABIES

Steroids make you do some crazy stuff.... Heard about this crazy WWE wrestler who killed his wife, his 7 year old kid... then himself... not blaming it on the roids..... but what else? They blame roids on everything else.

The Long Jump is again boring without me!

Nathan's hot dog eating contest, with that skinny Japanese in it every year, is disgusting.... why would anyone want to eat 50 hot dogs in 2 minutes.... I think eating more than 2 hot dogs in a month has to do major damage to your body...

Greg Oden Looks old.....Lebron James looks old.......they both are from Ohio.... ever wonder why we dont see their father.... I think they have the same father.... He is this huge sperm donor in the Ohio area that charges a 3 million dollar stud fee.... charging 18% a year... there is a reason why these 2 guys went to the NBA as soon as they could

Saints will win Super Bowl this year.

The 07 NBA Draft will only produce 5 quality NBA players..... Oden, Durant, Acie Law IV,Corey Brewer and Aaron Brooks..... All these cats are on a team where they produce now...the rest of these cats will struggle early, loose confidence, feel like they got to shoot 30 times a game to stay on a team and suck!

Sekou Smith, Atlanta Hawk's beat writer, is the greatest sports beat writer ever and one of the NBA worst teams of all time (Memphis Grizzs are a close second) .

I will be inducted in the University Of Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame In September (had to throw that in).

The Lakers should let Kobe go!!! If they are not gonna put forth an effort to try to win a championship AFTER you clearly told him that was your goal... them they dont deserve to win....and all these media cats making it like he is ungrateful can cut the crap.....If I come to work everyday and my boss tells me we are going in one direction and clearly i see that we are going in another direction... I would leave... and most of these media butt holes would do the same thing.... Let Kobe go to the Bulls and the Lakers can continue to suck without the greatest players ever.

Paris Hilton..... WHO CARES!!

Ok........ i am rambling now plus running out of interesting stuff to talk about. See all 3 of u faithful readers next time

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Savante Stringfellow - last jump in Edmonton 2001

This is me!!!!!!!!!!! Wow I was good

Mississippi Braves AA Manager Phillip Wellman goes crazy

Damn he had to be from Mississippi... we already a bad rep across the board now we got this nut job acting like he is a 4 year old. You cant trust a guy like this around your minor league prospects. Maybe he can get a job with the Orlando Magic....