Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bloggers Might be a Little Weird

Ok so after about 2 hours of starting this blog I come up with this conclusion...... Most bloggers are weird-Os. Not good weird but weird like the kind that all the cool people at school picked on..... There are cult blogs, sex blogs, politics blogs, how-to blogs..... what wrong with these you might ask..... The fact that they are so far out in left field is reason alone why no one is listening to them.... Dont get me wrong I am not perfect but geeze I hope to never be like the blogger at or this person who created a shrine to an octapus I know what you are saying 'just another jock picking on the nerds in the world' but you gotta admit on this one...... The jock has a point this time

Superman tattoo ( i was first) String Vs Shaq

Every since I was one of the first people in the WORLDto get one of these superman tattoo (2/5/1998)... everybody wants to be a copy cat..... case and point Shaq (not a fan). tattoo's are suppose to a symbol of individuality not something you share with your buddies after a night of taking shots. WhenI contacted Shaq about removing it be mumbled like he always then screamed "CAN YOU DIG ITTTTTTTTTTT". So i told him to forget it, called him a fag and and we left it at that.

But I recently saw this article on a website (it does mention me..............Athletes in particular seem drawn to the Superman logo; it also graces the triceps of Olympic long jumper Savante Stringfellow, NFL center Ryan Tucker, and perhaps the most famous of all Super-tattooed athletes: the 7'1", 330-pound NBA center Shaquille O'Neal. O'Neal sees Superman's dual identities reflected in his own life, and the distinction he makes between the personas he calls Shaquille and Shaq.)

They call him the most famous... but dammit I was first. O....... and Shaq it was Kobe's team

Savante Stringfellow

I prob should have done this first but I feel the need to tell a little about myself. I am a professional track athlete/ real estate professional...... I have been a long jumper for about 7 years(google me!!!) I have two small kids and one crazy ex-wife you will surely hear more about her later. I was born and raised in Jackson, Ms and attended the University Of Mississippi (hotty toddy) where I guess it is safe to say I was your typical track star. Honestly there is no such thing as a college track star just a dude that ran track at your college.

I am just a regular ole guy who likes the simple things in life; sports, playstation, sports on the playstation and cute girls depending on how many drinks I have had...... aight girls (you know who you are). I am a huge Lakes, Saints, and Ole Miss fan. I like sports talk radio. Sports I dont really care for is women's b ball(sorry but organized keep away is not fun), Hockey, or Track on TV(great to be there but ESPN2 does a terrible job presenting it to the masses)
Well all this typing in interfering with my lunch, so on that note...............

Welcome to my Blog

Who started this Blog Craze. Blogs just blossomed outta nowhere. They have become some popular that I find myself reading before I read ESPN. Why is that? Well first of all BLOGS DONT HAVE TO BE ACCURATE(I AM NOT EVEN SURE IF THIS STATEMENT IS ACCURATE). And with that you find out stuff from bloggers (thebiglead) a lot sooner than mainstrean (ESPN) in some cases. Dont get me wrong some of it is crap i.e. mediatakeout. This is the filth of the blog community...... they take a half story and twist it to hell. (but i must admit I am addicted to it).

Since I am an athlete a lot of my blog will relate to sports, as well as life , my family, women issues (minus the freaky stuff), and life as a professional track icon so sit back and enjoy the ride.......