Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Who started this Blog Craze. Blogs just blossomed outta nowhere. They have become some popular that I find myself reading before I read ESPN. Why is that? Well first of all BLOGS DONT HAVE TO BE ACCURATE(I AM NOT EVEN SURE IF THIS STATEMENT IS ACCURATE). And with that you find out stuff from bloggers (thebiglead) a lot sooner than mainstrean (ESPN) in some cases. Dont get me wrong some of it is crap i.e. mediatakeout. This is the filth of the blog community...... they take a half story and twist it to hell. (but i must admit I am addicted to it).

Since I am an athlete a lot of my blog will relate to sports, as well as life , my family, women issues (minus the freaky stuff), and life as a professional track icon so sit back and enjoy the ride.......

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