Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Savante Stringfellow

I prob should have done this first but I feel the need to tell a little about myself. I am a professional track athlete/ real estate professional...... I have been a long jumper for about 7 years(google me!!!) I have two small kids and one crazy ex-wife you will surely hear more about her later. I was born and raised in Jackson, Ms and attended the University Of Mississippi (hotty toddy) where I guess it is safe to say I was your typical track star. Honestly there is no such thing as a college track star just a dude that ran track at your college.

I am just a regular ole guy who likes the simple things in life; sports, playstation, sports on the playstation and cute girls depending on how many drinks I have had...... aight girls (you know who you are). I am a huge Lakes, Saints, and Ole Miss fan. I like sports talk radio. Sports I dont really care for is women's b ball(sorry but organized keep away is not fun), Hockey, or Track on TV(great to be there but ESPN2 does a terrible job presenting it to the masses)
Well all this typing in interfering with my lunch, so on that note...............

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