Thursday, April 5, 2007

Colin Cowherd vs

Colin Cowherd of ESNP radio is an assh*le...... I was listening to his show today and he purposely crashed the website ''. He told all his listeners to log in at a certain time (around 11:30) and the site has not been up sense.
Now thebiglead is one of my favorite sports blogs and they sometimes have some unfavorable things to say about the 4 letter network. Cowherd is an arrogant asshole who gets off buy working for the big company... He feels that by having this little radio show makes his a big man..... and like Bill Oreily he is always 'right'
After this cowardly, childish act I will no longer listen to Mr Shitherd, I mean Cowherd. I cant wait til gets back to running so we can get together and devise up a scheme to sabotage his crappy show.

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