Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I bet Pac Man wish he kept that 'rain-money'

The NFL has suspended Adam Jones for the whole season...... that's 16 games, that's $1,292,500 for the year, $80,871 per game, $3541 per day....... For a player that has only played 2 years in the league.... trust me that will hurt. I think that is a good move by the NFL. It shows that these cats in league are not untouchable and now they must be accountable. The dude has been arrested about 10 times in 2 years....... where i am from we call that a problem..........As a pro track athlete, my best year was about 2 games for Pac-man, but I thought that was big time money.... I never once wanted to make it rain or buy the bar at the club ( I once spent 800 on a bachelor party), hell i hated to pay my mortgage...... so why would i want to give up 80 stacks to a bunch of dusty ass women in the strip club (i got that line from Don Imus)

So Pac-Man if you are 115 people that have been to my entertaining blog the best advice i would give you is GET YO SH*T TOGETHER.

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