Friday, April 27, 2007


The people have spoken. After numerous attempts from the local media to give the city of jackson a black eye by ruining the repetation of the mayor, said mayor of Jackson was found not guilty of destroying a "crackhouse". I am happy for the mayor and I wish he could now tell the media to kiss his ass. But here is what I dont understand. Frank and the Funky Frank crew admitted to taking a sledgehammer and tearing down the crackhouse... admission means guilty... he was found not guilty. They had pictures of the 'crack' after Frank and his crew destroyed it. But he is not guilty. The 11-women and one-man Hinds County jury apparently didn't believe Melton and the two police detectives he has used as bodyguards, Michael Recio and Marcus Wright, were guilty of felony malicious mischief and two counts of conspiracy, or Melton and Wright of house burglary...... I agree but why didn't they try to convict him of destroying private property or vandalism...... Like I said before I am a supporter of the mayor AND WE NEED TO HAVE A STANCE against crime but truth be told....... MONEY TALKS!!!! and Frank and the Funky Frank Crew got way to much money to be sitting in jail over a crack house... A CRACKHOUSE..... A HOUSE WHERE PEOPLE WENT INSIDE TO SMOKE CRACK.... WHICK IS AN ILLEGAL DRUG.... THE ATTORNEY GENERAL WANTED TO LOCK UP THE MAJOR OF JACKSON MISSISSIPPI FOR DESTROYING A PUBLIC EYESORE A.K.A. A CRACKHOUSE...... WE TALKING ABOUT A CRACKHOUSE PEOPLE........ CRACK......

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