Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Black Athlete Forum ( Get the hell outta here)

Monday In Atlanta GA, Spike Lee held 'The Black Athlete Forum" to discuss to state of African Americans in Sports. The guest list included Curtis Bunn, Atlanta Journal Constitution, columnist; Algee Crumpler, Atlanta Falcons; Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Famer; William "Bill" Rhoden, New York Times, columnist and author of "40 Million Dollar Slaves;" Stephen A. Smith, ESPN reporter; Claire Smith, Philadelphia Inquirer, columnist; Coach Vivian Stringer, Rutgers Women's Basketball; Etan Thomas, Washington Wizards/author; Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star, columnist; and, Alonzo Mourning, Miami Heat.

Saint Vivian Stringer got into a verbal assault with writer of the year Jason Whitlock over the comments that he made over the IMUS situation Embarrassed . My thing is this, Saint Stringer, If you are so embarassed for your girls over this situation why do you have to remind them about every chance you get. Let them get over this tragic day... Leave it alone...... If somebody said something embarrassing about me... I dont wanna constantly be reminded of the situation..... And is going after Jason Whitlock gonna help anything.

Another thing WHY ARE WE EVEN HOLDING A BLACK ATHLETE FORUM WITH CLAIR SMITH AND SCREAMIN a. SMITH. Where the hell was Pac-Man, Michael Vick, Chris Henry, Tony Campbell, Mike Tyson or any other black athlete who out there still thuggin.

Why must we continue to put on a horse and Pony show..... LISTEN PEOPLE... Spike Lee is not an Athlete.... ZO Morning in prob the coolest guy I ever met (2000 Olympics), and Sekou Smith is not being arrested for anything.... This forum will solve anything..... Until the real trouble makers want to make a change nothing will be done....

As an athlete myself... I say to my fellows athletes WAKE UP AND REALIZE THE DUMB STUFF WE DO AFFECTS EVERYONE IN OUR LIVES.......This is not a privilege but a gift..... OPEN Your EYES!!!!!!!!!1

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Ron Bramlett said...

Did Algae Crumpler get the slap your mom for naming you Algae award?