Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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I am starting something new here... I am introducing you to some of my crazy as friends....

First up is a great friend of mine Rod Hales..... Rod is actually the first cousin of my ex wife.... ughhhhh. but he knows way too much dirt on me to drop as a buddy (remember that time at the strip club Rod when u ..... nevermind, that the dirt that i have on you).... What i am re posting is the 'about me' section on his myspace page.... normally i would not post something this long but dammit it is hilarious. Without further ado (is this right) I introduce Rod Ann Hales.

I'm a pretty easy-going fella. Places I would like live include Florida, Georgia, Hattiesburg, MS, Texas, Arizona, and California. I don't love cold weather. I consider myself fairly neat and clean. I like a good laugh. I'm the type of person that likes to drink but not to the point of drunkenness. I'm the type of person that like to piss outside. Oh boy, how I love to pee outside. Sometimes, you'll probably tell me to shut up or hurry up. I'm the type person who would rather talk to you in person rather than on the phone. I'm the type that uses a phone for only important calls. I know some of the neighbors, but I hardly ever visit them. I'll probably race "off in dare" and take a baff (a shower) on commercial break. I watch sports but not the whole game. I wish I could jump really high. I pick a team and follow them for the season. I'd rather watch the game on TV than go to it. Normally, I would listen to the music rather than the words, unless somebody says, "Hey listen to the words". I was once a creative person before marriage. I watch HBO movies just because it came on tonight. I prefer tap water over bottled water (What the f**k is bottled water anyway?). I like to baze (take showers). I hate when people clean out the tub before they baze (take a bath). I'm not very religious, but I think Jesus is probably one of the best role models ever. Favorite foods include but not limited to fish, barbecue, and steak. I love orange juice. I don't like to takin kids to see Saw III or Norbit. I like sex. I have a strange fascination with barcodes and screwed music. Big booties over big titties even though I would take both. I know this lady that like Michael Jackson. I got a sister-in-law that act like Michael Jackson. I almost got a tattoo once until I realized it meant something else. I almost got an earring until I found out it meant something else. I will give an apology if its necessary. I believe its hard on the kids when you get a divorce. I like to watch the kids eat. I hate magic. Most of the time, I just let people dictate the conversation by saying "Umm hmm" or "Is that right?" or "Oh That's good!" or "Yeah, I know". There are no superstars on my team but a lot of good players. Instead of lying, I probably won't say nothing. I love to lie! Just kidding:( For about a year, I had about seven friends on MySpace. Guess what? I still got about seven friends on MySpace. One of them had a really ugly picture. After I added them, I never talked to them again. On MySpace, only ugly people with no photo send me friend requests. Stop the madness! Get a picture! Get a personality! Make sure its you! I'll probably add more stuff 'About me'. This is only a little. Please write somethin on my MySpace page. Even if its just, "Hey, f**k you!". Anything. But no spam though. I was bored, so I did this MySpace page. Hope you like it.

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