Monday, May 7, 2007

Damn its hard keeping an original Blog

Wow it seems like it s been a whole since I posted anything.... Mainly because I am really not that interesting...... Lets see whats been going on...... I am training for a 5K, caught a fish for the first time in my life, was guest of honor at a Kiddie track meet, taught my lil girl to ride a bike, the Lakers lost, and i learned to fly a helicopter, and got into an all out brawl after 'making it rain' at church with Sister Colestein. Who would wanna read about that crap all the time..... I respect big time bloggers for real. To keep this up everyday.. I just don't have the interesting life to keep it it..... So to all 3 of my loyal readers.... sorry but this is all i got!!!!!!!!!

Next blog: How to bluff in poker


Web Jones said...

You still LJing?

Savante Stringfellow said...

well right now I am typing... but i still am. check back with me next week