Thursday, March 1, 2007

Antonella Barba AKA Nella B

First lets me start this off by saying 'I AM NOT AN AMERICAN IDOL FAN'. I think i was scarred when my ex use to throw stuff at me for talking during the show. But this Antonella Barbara think is kinda interesting. Nella B is a contestant on AI who was some questionable photos on the Internet (
and people wanted to kick her off the show.....But after carefully viewing the photos (3 times)... I don't see the big deal. What did she do that was worse that Paula sleeping with a contestant last year, or having that dorky Seacrest hosting America favorite talent show.... I have seen beer commercials worse than these pix and now America want to have a conscience....... Please....... She had this all planned and it is working.
Here is what I think....... Since this chic cant sing she created a web site posted some pretty hot pix on there and waited for the vultures to attack. But here is the thing... I think she knew she did not have a change in hell to win the show use used the opportunity to show off her ...... other talents. Isn't if funny that Hugh Heff likes the pixs....mmmmmmmm Maybe Playboy will be her next big project.... or maybe Maxim or FHM magazine. Or maybe JLo can hook her up with whom ever she tricked to get a record deal....... Either way I ain't mad at you girl...... Get that money........ Because I might not always answer your calls so.... see you Sunday evening Nella B!!!!! Brows

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Ron Bramlett said...

Yeah right. You know you would answer her calls.