Tuesday, March 6, 2007

NFL Free agency

Now is the free agency time in the NFL... This is the time of the year when all the players that were cut by their old teams and signed to new teams. This is the time when teams tell their overpriced underachieving millionaires that their services are no longed needed. This is probably the lowest time of some of their lives. How do they get over this low point in their lives????? Well general managers of other teams promise them a bunch of money for a job they didnt do well before and expect them to succeed with their team...Geniuses (Prob went to Alabama)....Most of the time they have a large back-ended contract in the team's best interest so when they suck again or get old the team can cut em again. Gotta love it..... At least it is not the NBA where everything is guaranteed. But at least it is not like track where the best athletes deserve more and .....aghhhhh I better shut up before i get in trouble.

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Ron Bramlett said...

haha . Prob went to Ole Miss you mean.

Nice swoosh after the track comment.